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Luxury goods international co, Ltd.  is mainly engaged in the trade of food and people’s livelihood products. We cooperate with many well-known brands in Taiwan to expand overseas channels and also develop export products.
Since operation, we have adhered to connecting and sharing good things together and customer needs are our mission.
Luxury goods  provides the highest quality food and daily necessities with competitive prices and creates the greatest profit for our customers. On time delivery and high-quality services, we hope to create a win-win situation with customers.

We do “conscientious things and good things” combined with professional design, development processes and vertically integrated foundry processes. We do our best to ensure food safety for every consumer and provide customers with the most complete product development process and marketing plan.
Developing quality products (OEM/ODM) and assisting in brand rebuilding have always been our way forward. Combining major brands to jointly develop and form alliances in different industries, Luxury goods  is the best partner for you.

At the same time, Luxury goods  is also the general agent of Chatime in California, USA. We provide professional franchise service planning for you who want to invest in overseas business.

Combining the cooperation advantages of manufacturers, agents and distributors to compete for the market and create a better future together DO GOOD THINGS, DO THINGS GOOD


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